Geolocalisation of the Middle-East

Because the Middle East is not only about wars and remains very captivating, Capteurs Ouverts is throwing a weekly geolocalisation quizz with a double objective: taking a look at the regional landscapes and reviewing some tools and methods useful for geolocating.

Why geolocating images and video? It can support the evidence gathering process. The International Criminal Court has already issued a warrant for a case based on videos from Social Media Networks.

Warning – this page will be updated regularly with new solutions.

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, ~ @36.1892907,44.009303

To start, you have to identify remarkable and unique elements in the photo: here, portraits and architectural elements.

We can search the Internet for the leaders’portraits of and the flag leading to Kurdistan

Middle-East leaders – mmmh….

The precise location (Erbil and Citadelle) can be identified in several ways 1) the use of a reverse image search with  googleyandex / tinyeye and the very useful RevEye extension 2) By searching for keywords Kurdistan + carpets + shop

Approximate gps coordinates are obtained using the Google Map street view function (The little orange guy).

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