The Interview – Dutch OSINT Guy

Capteurs Ouverts is launching a new serie of articles in between open-source research pieces called The Interview. Because we strongly believe the OSINT community is in fast expansion and made of very different people, different approaches, we are giving the floor to those who fell into the rabbit hole to understand what they are doing and how. __________________________________________________________________ Is he real or is he just … Continuer de lire The Interview – Dutch OSINT Guy

L’entretien – Dutch OSINT Guy

Capteurs Ouverts lance une nouvelle série d’articles entre ses articles de recherches en sources ouvertes – L’entretien. Parce que nous avons la forte conviction que la communauté OSINT est en pleine expansion et rassemble des profils très différents, des approches différentes, nous donnons la parole à ceux qui sont tombés dans la marmite pour comprendre ce qu’ils font et comment. __________________________________________________________________ Est-il réel ou est-il … Continuer de lire L’entretien – Dutch OSINT Guy

Geolocalisation of the Middle-East

Because the Middle East is not only about wars and remains very captivating, Capteurs Ouverts is throwing a weekly geolocalisation quizz with a double objective: taking a look at the regional landscapes and reviewing some tools and methods useful for geolocating. Why geolocating images and video? It can support the evidence gathering process. The International Criminal Court has already issued a warrant for a case … Continuer de lire Geolocalisation of the Middle-East